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The Simplest User-friendly Guide to Microsoft Office Installation!

Microsoft Office is perhaps one of the most popular and multi-utility software that has contributed tremendously to business and education landscape. While earlier the process for office setup installation was tricky and tedious, it has been simplified over time for the convenience of the end user.

If its Office 365, downloading a set of files would simply help you install the software on your desktop computer or PC. On the other hand, for version 2010 or above, a DVD that comes with the office suite setup would help in the installation. If the software is pre-installed in your system, then simply use a product key to activate your office account. While, there are some areas where you might face difficulty such as where to find the product key or in the case of error or failure, then you can always look up to the Microsoft user manual available online that would provide the necessary solution.

Microsoft Office Installation on Laptop:

While installing www.office.com setup on a PC is easy, it is equally simple in case of a laptop. However, some low-end laptops may have a hard drive limitation narrowing down the amount of data that could be written to the disk.

In such a scenario, you can go for the custom load option that would install only the selective necessary files thereby managing storage on the hard drive without facing hassles.

Types of installation Microsoft Provides its Users:

Once you decide to install the Office Suite via the DVD, you will be prompted to select the installation mode comprising of three following options:

  • Typical Installation Mode

This is the predefined mode that installs the most frequently used set of features provided by Office software program.

  • Custom Installation Mode

As the name suggests, this mode allows the user to choose the features on the custom basis as per need while eliminating the ones not needed.

  • Running Setup from a Network Server

Alternatively, running the office setup from the network server will also allow you chose the files you want to share with the multiple users connected to the network via the server.

Steps for Microsoft Installation:

We break down the installation process in simple steps so that you do not face any trouble when you head out for the same.

  • To Begin, Insert the Office Disk into the DVD drive of your computer and click on it from the “My Computer” panel.
  • When asked, enter your 25 digit product key mentioned at the back of your device or the manual. Make sure to check and tick the “Terms and Agreement” conditions and then click “Continue”.
  • Now select “Customise” followed by choosing the program with which you want to run the office setup. The options would be like:
  • Run from My Computer
  • Installed on First Use
  • Not Available etc.
  • You will need to repeat the above-mentioned steps for every application feature.Once done, click on Install Now and here you will start with the process.It would take a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes and there you will get the Microsoft Suite installed successfully over your device!


Rebecca and the water pail

[Setting: A one-room schoolhouse in Maine, ca 1900]

The little schoolhouse with its flagpole on top and its two doors in front, one for boys and the other for girls, stood on the crest of a hill, with rolling fields and meadows on one side, a stretch of pine woods on the other, and the river glinting and sparkling in the distance. Parkerville, Massachusetts, 1913It boasted no attractions within. All was as bare and ugly and uncomfortable as it well could be, for the villages along the river expended so much money in repairing and rebuilding bridges that they were obliged to be very economical in school privileges. The teacher’s desk and chair stood on a platform in one corner; there was an uncouth stove, never blackened oftener than once a year, a map of the United States, two blackboards, a ten-quart tin pail of water and long-handled dipper on a corner shelf, and wooden desks and benches for the scholars, who only numbered twenty in Rebecca’s time. The seats were higher in the back of the room, and the more advanced and longer-legged pupils sat there, the position being greatly to be envied, as they were at once nearer to the windows and farther from the teacher.

There were classes of a sort, although nobody, broadly speaking, studied the same book with anybody else, or had arrived at the same degree of proficiency in any one branch of learning. Rebecca in particular was so difficult to classify that Miss Dearborn at the end of a fortnight gave up the attempt altogether. She read with Dick Carter and Living Perkins, who were fitting for the academy; recited arithmetic with lisping little Thuthan Thimpthon; geography with Emma Jane Perkins, and grammar after school hours to Miss Dearborn alone. Full to the brim as she was of clever thoughts and quaint fancies, she made at first but a poor hand at composition. The labor of writing and spelling, with the added difficulties of punctuation and capitals, interfered sadly with the free expression of ideas. She took history with Alice Robinson’s class, which was attacking the subject of the Revolution, while Rebecca was bidden to begin with the discovery of America. In a week she had mastered the course of events up to the Revolution, and in ten days had arrived at Yorktown, where the class had apparently established summer quarters. Then finding that extra effort would only result in her reciting with the oldest Simpson boy, she deliberately held herself back, for wisdom’s ways were not those of pleasantness nor her paths those of peace if one were compelled to tread them in the company of Seesaw Simpson. Samuel Simpson was generally called Seesaw, because of his difficulty in making up his mind. Whether it were a question of fact, of spelling, or of date, of going swimming or fishing, of choosing a book in the Sunday-school library or a stick of candy at the village store, he had no sooner determined on one plan of action than his wish fondly reverted to the opposite one. Seesaw was pale, flaxen haired, blue eyed, round shouldered, and given to stammering when nervous. Perhaps because of his very weakness Rebecca’s decision of character had a fascination for him, and although she snubbed him to the verge of madness, he could never keep his eyes away from her. The force with which she tied her shoe when the lacing came undone, the flirt over shoulder she gave her black braid when she was excited or warm, her manner of studying,–book on desk, arms folded, eyes fixed on the opposite wall,–all had an abiding charm for Seesaw Simpson. When, having obtained permission, she walked to the water pail in the corner and drank from the dipper, Mobdro Online unseen forces dragged Seesaw from his seat to go and drink after her. It was not only that there was something akin to association and intimacy in drinking next, but there was the fearful joy of meeting her in transit and receiving a cold and disdainful look from her wonderful eyes.

On a certain warm day in summer Rebecca’s thirst exceeded the bounds of propriety. When she asked a third time for permission to quench it at the common fountain Miss Dearborn nodded “yes,” but lifted her eyebrows unpleasantly as Rebecca neared the desk. As she replaced the dipper Seesaw promptly raised his hand, and Miss Dearborn indicated a weary affirmative.

“What is the matter with you, Rebecca?” she asked.

“I had salt mackerel for breakfast,” answered Rebecca.

There seemed nothing humorous about this reply, which was merely the statement of a fact, but an irrepressible titter ran through the school.

Miss Dearborn did not enjoy jokes neither made nor understood by herself, and her face flushed.

“I think you had better stand by the pail for five minutes, Rebecca; it may help you to control your thirst.”

Rebecca’s heart fluttered. She to stand in the corner by the water pail and be stared at by all the scholars! She unconsciously made a gesture of angry dissent and moved a step nearer her seat, but was arrested by Miss Dearborn’s command in a still firmer voice. “Stand by the pail, Rebecca! Samuel, how many times have you asked for water to-day?”

“This is the f-f-fourth.”

“Don’t touch the dipper, please. The school has done nothing but drink this afternoon; it has had no time whatever to study. I suppose you had something salt for breakfast, Samuel?” queried Miss Dearborn with sarcasm.

“I had m-m-mackerel, j-just like Reb-b-becca.”

(Irrepressible giggles by the school.)

“I judged so. Stand by the other side of the pail, Samuel.”

Rebecca’s head was bowed with shame and wrath. Life looked too black a thing to be endured. The punishment was bad enough, but to be coupled in correction with Seesaw Simpson was beyond human endurance.

Singing was the last exercise in the afternoon, and Minnie Smellie chose Shall we Gather at the River? It was a baleful choice and seemed to hold some secret and subtle association with the situation and general progress of events; or at any rate there was apparently some obscure reason for the energy and vim with which the scholars shouted the choral invitation again and again:–

“Shall we gather at the river,
The beautiful, the beautiful river?”

Miss Dearborn stole a look at Rebecca’s bent head and was frightened. The child’s face was pale save for two red spots glowing on her cheeks. Tears hung on her lashes; her breath came and went quickly, and the hand that held her pocket handkerchief trembled like a leaf.

“You may go to your seat, Rebecca,” said Miss Dearborn at the end of the first song. “Samuel, stay where you are till the close of school. And let me tell you, scholars, that I asked Rebecca to stand by the pail only to break up this habit of incessant drinking, which is nothing but empty-mindedness and desire to walk to and fro over the floor. Every time Rebecca has asked for a drink to-day the whole school has gone to the pail one after another. She is really thirsty, and I dare say I ought to have punished you for following her example, not her for setting it. What shall we sing now, Alice?”

“The Old Oaken Bucket, please.”

“Think of something dry, Alice, and change the subject. Yes, The Star Spangled Banner if you like, or anything else.”


Rebecca sank into her seat and pulled the singing book from her desk. Miss Dearborn’s public explanation had shifted some of the weight from her heart, and she felt a trifle raised in her self-esteem. Under cover of the general relaxation of singing, votive offerings of respectful sympathy began to make their appearance at her shrine. Living Perkins, who could not sing, dropped a piece of maple sugar in her lap as he passed her on his way to the blackboard to draw the map of Maine. Alice Robinson rolled a perfectly new slate pencil over the floor with her foot until it reached Rebecca’s place, while her seat-mate, Emma Jane, had made up a little mound of paper balls and labeled them “Bullets for you know who.”

Altogether existence grew brighter, and when she was left alone with the teacher for her grammar lesson she had nearly recovered her equanimity, which was more than Miss Dearborn had. The last clattering foot had echoed through the hall, Seesaw’s backward glance of penitence had been met and answered defiantly by one of cold disdain.

“Rebecca, I am afraid I punished you more than I meant,” said Miss Dearborn, who was only eighteen herself, and in her year of teaching country schools had never encountered a child like Rebecca.

“I hadn’t missed a question this whole day, nor whispered either,” quavered the culprit; “and I don’t think I ought to be shamed just for drinking.”

“You started all the others, or it seemed as if you did. Whatever you do they all do, whether you laugh, or miss, or write notes, or ask to leave the room, or drink; and it must be stopped.”

“Sam Simpson is a copycoat!” stormed Rebecca. “I wouldn’t have minded standing in the corner alone–that is, not so very much; but I couldn’t bear standing with him.”

“I saw that you couldn’t, and that’s the reason I told you to take your seat, and left him in the corner. Remember that you are a stranger in the place, and they take more notice of what you do, so you must be careful. Now let’s have our conjugations. Give me the verb `to be,’ potential mood, past perfect tense.”

“I might have been We might have been
Thou mightst have been You might have been
He might have been They might have been.”

“Give me an example, please.”

“I might have been glad
Thou mightst have been glad
He, she, or it might have been glad.”

“`He’ or `she’ might have been glad because they are masculine and feminine, but could `it’ have been glad?” asked Miss Dearborn, who was very fond of splitting hairs.

“Why not?” asked Rebecca

“Because `it’ is neuter gender.”

“Couldn’t we say, `The kitten might have been glad if it had known it was not going to be drowned’?”

“Ye–es,” Miss Dearborn answered hesitatingly, never very sure of herself under Rebecca’s fire; “but though we often speak of a baby, a chicken, or a kitten as `it,’ they are really masculine or feminine gender, not neuter.”
Rebecca reflected a long moment and then asked, “Is a hollyhock neuter?”

“Oh yes, of course it is, Rebecca.”

“Well, couldn’t we say, `The hollyhock might have been glad to see the rain, but there was a weak little hollyhock bud growing out of its stalk and it was afraid that that might be hurt by the storm; so the big hollyhock was kind of afraid, instead of being real glad’?”

Miss Dearborn looked puzzled as she answered, “Of course, Rebecca, hollyhocks could not be sorry, or glad, or afraid, really.”

“We can’t tell, I s’pose,” replied the child; “but _I_ think they are, anyway. Now what shall I say?”

“The subjunctive mood, past perfect tense of the verb `to know.'”
“If I had known If we had known
If thou hadst known If you had known
If he had known If they had known.

“Oh, it is the saddest tense,” sighed Rebecca with a little break in her voice; “nothing but IFS, IFS, IFS! And it makes you feel that if they only HAD known, things might have been better!”

Miss Dearborn had not thought of it before, but on reflection she believed the subjunctive mood was a “sad” one and “if” rather a sorry “part of speech.”

“Give me some more examples of the subjunctive, Rebecca, and that will do for this afternoon,” she said.

“If I had not loved mackerel I should not have been thirsty;” said Rebecca with an April smile, as she closed her grammar. “If thou hadst loved me truly thou wouldst not have stood me up in the corner. If Samuel had not loved wickedness he would not have followed me to the water pail.”

“And if Rebecca had loved the rules of the school she would have controlled her thirst,” finished Miss Dearborn with a kiss, and the two parted friends.

Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856-1923), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (pub. 1903), ch. 5. The book has never gone out of print and over the years has sold almost 2 million copies.

July 24 2010: Duane Vandenbusche on the history of Ohio Creek Valley

Duane Vandenbusche spoke to a full house on July 24, 2010

Duane Vandenbusche, emeritus history professor (and Hall of Fame track coach!) at Western State College, has written several books on the Gunnison Country, and, true to form, drew a crowd to the delicious potluck dinner and to his lecture on the history of Ohio Creek Valley. Before his talk, Duane introduced a number of local ranchers and old-timers present, including Richard and Phyllis (Spann) Guerrieri, whose son Dexter helped organize the renovation of the schoolhouse, and Judy Buffington Sammons, who grew up in the valley and will be speaking at the schoolhouse on August 21st. He remarked that they would correct him if anything he said was wrong.

Duane began with the early history of the white settlers of Ohio Creek Valley. Its first ranch family was a man named Vidal, from Paris, France. He died fairly young in 1901, leaving the massive debt for that time of $15,000, along with eight daughters and a son. The novelty of eight young women wearing overalls and keeping the ranch going was sufficiently arresting that it became a national news item. (The girls managed to pay off the debt.) Among other anecdotes, it was interesting to learn that the valley was originally known for mining– silver and copper– and featured a railway as far as Baldwin. Ohio Creek Valley was then the main route to Irwin and Crested Butte.  Irwin was a town of 5000 people, while Castleton was a thriving little place of 300 souls and Baldwin boasted a dance hall and hotel. Former American President U.S. Grant visited the valley in 1880 on his way to Irwin, and a murder plot against him by disgruntled Southerners was narrowly avoided by the mayor– not because he liked U.S. Grant, for he was also a Southerner, but because he did not want Irwin to become notorious for such a deed. These and other stories kept the audience laughing and interested, and many stayed afterward to talk, visit, and enjoy the beautiful sunset just outside.

Best Mountain Bikes That Are Sure To Make Adventure Fun For You

If you are fond of doing adventure then there are a number of activities that you can do. Out of all one of them is mountaining. You can do mountain riding by foot an also with the use of mountain bike. Both will give you immense pleasure. If you wish to do this activity on a bike then it is very important that you choose to buy the right kind of bike. Let us have a look at all the mountain bike options that you have. Mentioned below are a few of them:

  1. FLUID 7.2/6.2 HT+ – This is one of the popular bikes that range for $1,350. This bike is most bought by people in 2017. The wheels of the bike are huge in size. And due to this reason, the bike is capable of hardtails. You will enjoy a great and unforgettable riding experience with the help of this bike. This is titles as the best mountain bikes. Along with a wide range of features, this bike is also very easy to maintain. It is capable of bearing all the wear and tear of the use.
  2. Cannondale Bad Habit – This is another great option that has huge size wheels. The size of the wheels is 7- and 3-inches in width. This is a very popular bike that is used for the purpose of mountaining.  Because of the huge wheels of the bike, it is easy to use the bike rocky surface. You can also use it on loose and wet terrain. If you compare it to the traditional bike the moving of the wheels is slow. In short name, you can say that the Bad Habit 2 has 2×10 drivetrain and RockShox fork. If you plan to buy a more expensive version of this bike then you will get the feature of the single-ring drivetrain. The advanced mechanism of the bike makes it a perfect buy of one and all.
  3. Liv Lust Advanced 1– This bike is available with a carbon frame. The rare wheel of the bike is made with aluminum. The wheels of the bike are 27.5-inch in size. The bike is very light in weight. It has 100mm of the rear-wheel travel. This feature makes this bike light and fast to use on mountains. This bike can also be labeled as the full-suspension mountain bike. This bike was also titled as the best bike of the year 2016. You can take this bike out with your friends and sure to excel in comparison of all other bikes. .Along with a number of features this bike has a very attractive body that gives its fantastic look. Before you make the purchase you can take a test drive in order to understand all the above-mentioned features. The hard-stopping SRAM Guide that is also called the hydraulic disc brakes will allow you to travel 120mm. This bike is considered as the best mountain bikes under 500 of the year.

How to Download And Install Aptoide Apk On PC

You are going to peruse an article on Download Aptoide APK Free App for Android, iOS, and PC Windows here. We have brought the understanding and most straightforward manual for download the Aptoide APK for iOS, Android, and the PC. On the off chance that you wish to get your form for any of your gadget for nothing, at that point take after this article as it has all that you require.

Aptoide download application is an immense contrasting option to the Play Store which fills a similar need yet in an unexpected way. The intriguing component is that it enables its clients to snatch the paid applications for nothing without putting the gadget’s security at the chance.

How to Install Aptoide on PC:

Aptoide is an application by which you can download numerous Minecraft amusements. This application is extremely helpful for amusement addicts and Minecraft partners. This application is not accessible in the Play store, and you can download it from the official outsider site.

For Windows and iOS, you can download the apk and utilize and Android imitating to run the application in your gadget. Aptoide is accessible on every one of the stages, and there is no specific form of Windows to run Aptoide. The emulators discovered effective incorporate Bluestacks, Remix OS, and so forth.

Guide to use Aptoide on PC:

Go the official outsider site of Aptoide and tap the Aptoide Download catch. It will divert to the download page, and it will begin downloading. Utilize Blue stacks Android emulator in the event that you are utilizing it in Windows gadget. To introduce the Aptoide apk in a Quantum Access gadget utilize authoritatively accessible emulators that run proficiently on your PC.

Open the program in your emulator and go to the official site of Aptoide and snap download. The application will begin downloading. At that point go to the blue stacks settings.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the. apk from an untrusted site there may be some malware that can get your own data so be cautious.

Go to the settings and change to the Install apk from obscure sources. At that point tap the application

Press introduce and afterward the application will be introduced in your Android emulator of your PC. From that point onward, you can open the application and appreciate the experience of utilizing the application.

Aptoide has distinctive choices which give you full protection and applications are secured. The fundamental preferred standpoint is that there are numerous variants of a similar application. You can get Aptoide TV, and Aptoide Lite is additionally accessible for download. Additionally, you can look at some must to have aptoide applications.


Downloading Aptoide application is the best option for Google play store. It is sheltered, Simple and Easy to utilize Android application Marketplace. The best thing is it is accessible for Free you don’t need to spend any single penny to utilize this application. Aptoide application is good for all gadgets like PC/PC, Phones, and Tablets. A huge number of clients overall utilizing this application. you can even download the paid applications for nothing on Aptoide application store.

ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 Mod APK Free Download

ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 Mod APK Free Download Letest form for Android. Download full APK of ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 Unlocked.

ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 is an astonishing File Manager which will give you a chance to access diverse applications, media files and archives on your smartphones. You can access your Phone SD card and in addition External SD card and gives you a chance to deal with your files simply as you do on your Desktop PCs. You can without much of a stretch Cut, Copy, Move, Paste and Delete diverse files. You can likewise rename your files. With ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 you can likewise uninstall the introduced applications in addition to you can likewise make reinforcements. It has additionally got an Archive chief which will give you a chance to compress/decompress ZIP files, unload RAR files and 7Z files. It has got some inherent watchers and in addition players which can be utilized for review distinctive types of images and movies. You can likewise execute distinctive errands with only a solitary snap and it will give you a chance to expand memory resulting in accelerating your gadget. ES File Explorer apk Pro v1.0.8 bolsters different languages which includes Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Portuguese, English and Russian and so forth.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8

The following are energizing features of Game which you’ll encounter after ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 APK Free Download.

Stunning efficiency application.

Gives you a chance to access application, interactive media files and records.

Can access your Phone SD card and External SD card.

Gives you a chance to deal with your files like in Desktop PCs.

Lets you uninstall distinctive applications.

Got an Archive Manager which will give you a chance to compress/decompress ZIP files.

Gives you a chance to unload RAR files and 7Z files.

Got some form in watchers and players.

Gives you a chance to murder diverse errands with only a solitary snap.

Backings numerous languages like English, Russian, Japanese and so on.

Upheld Android Versions

Gingerbread (2.3.3–2.3.7)

Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6)[a]

Frozen yogurt Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)

Jam Bean (4.1–4.3.1)

KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)

Candy (5.0–5.1.1)

So Excited to Download? Well tap on underneath catch to begin Download ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 APK. This is single direct connection of ES File Explorer Pro v1.0.8 APK Mod Unlocked With Unlimited Everything.

Videoder is the ultimate way to download YouTube videos!

Videoder is an astounding YouTube Music and Video download utility for your Android Smart-Phone. It has been cherished and appreciated by more than 20 million clients around the globe. Download the most recent of Videoder apk download .now and begin downloading your most loved Music and Videos.

VideoVault keeps your Android recordings secure by concealing them behind a secret word ensured divider. With VideoVault at work, prying eyes can’t peruse through your video display. Even better, they won’t comprehend what recordings you have. VideoVault conceals these recordings from general visibility until the point that you uncover them.

All Resolutions and Formats

Download any video as MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps

Download youtube recordings in all formats and resolutions :mp3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 320P, 240P, 144P, 3gp, mp4, webm, flv, 60fps

Various – Batched Downloading

Multi-Select recordings/music while perusing and download them with one tap

Bunch Downloading,select and download different recordings int one tap

To a great degree Beautiful

Wonderful and simple to utilize UI, with youtube app like elements (limit while viewing)

To a great degree delightful and simple to utilize User Interface

In Built Web Browser

In assembled Browser gives you a chance to download spilling recordings from bolstered destinations

In fabricated program gives you a chance to peruse your most loved gushing locales and download recordings and music in a hurry

Youtube Playlist and Channel Download

Youtube Channel and Playlist download with one tap

Download from facebook, vimeo, instagram, whatsappdaily, dailymotion, vine, metacafe, liveleak

Support for different sites coming this month

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The penalty of genius

The Penalty of Genius, by James Whitcomb Riley

The Penalty of Genius

“When little ‘Pollus Morton he’s
a-go’ to speak a piece, w’y, nen
the Teacher smiles an’ says ‘at she’s
most proud, of all her little men

an’ women in her school—’cause ‘Poll
he allus speaks the best of all.
An’ nen she’ll pat him on the cheek,
an’ hold her finger up at you

before he speak’; an’ when he speak’
it’s ist some piece she learn’ him to!
‘Cause he’s her favorite…. An’ she
ain’t pop’lar as she ust to be!

When ‘Pollus Morton speaks, w’y, nen
ist all the other childern knows
they’re smart as him an’ smart-again!—
Ef they can’t speak an’ got fine clo’es,
their Parunts loves ’em more ‘n ‘Poll-
us Morton, Teacher, speech, an’ all!

James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916), The Book of Joyous Children (1902)

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